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johndoe2ch in nitta_crib

Verification #060

【盗用元】ブランド「EMPORIO ARMANI」The Dreamers Cmpaign fall-winter 2004
(モデル:Michael Pitt氏/撮影:Vincent Peters氏)


The first few entries proved your point enough that what she did was wrong.

I do not know or care if you know English, but now this just looks like what we call "kicking someone when they're already down.". Which is down-right mean.

And 4 websites I have seen showing the SAME pictures... This is just over-kill.
She quit. So why does this matter anymore?

Edited at 2008-07-19 06:24 pm (UTC)
GET A FUCKING LIFE! what kind of freak are you? creating this for only one artist? you talk about how serious copyright infringements are, and low moral standards. You should investigate on DEVIANTART! many artists complain about art thieves and plagiarism every day and they are all on their own! no authorities between!! You should increase your eyeview, instead of making this shit. 4 websites are showing the SAME. You're just an hypocrite. They're thousands of cases like this all over the world you should go after.
have you nothing else to do? =_='
we understood...
get a life


Omee o korosu!!!! Honto! òWó

I really going to xxx u if I ever meet up with u!!!

Watashi ga Youka Nitta suki da yo!