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johndoe2ch in nitta_crib

Verification #062

【盗用】コミックス「春を抱いていた」6巻 KISS OF FIRE 冒頭(2002/8/5発行)
(初出:同人誌 KISS OF FIRE 2000年夏発行)
【盗用元】篠山紀信 梅宮アンナ写真集 「アンナ愛の日記」新潮社 1995年発行


youka nitta acknowledged and apologized, so there is really no more need for you to keep posting pictures.
i was and still am a fan of youka nitta. she is not the first and only artist to copy advertisements. just look at deviantart. an artist featured on a very popular yaoi community has been accused of tracing, yet she still has fans. some art classes give lessons on copying from a picture or advertisement.
i'm sure poses cannot be copyrighted so hopefully when the media and negative attention (they go hand in hand) simmers down miss nitta will return.
and, who am i to judge? i know not of copyright laws in japan, and vaguely know of them in the U.S. i cannot judge anyways, since most of my reading materials come in the form of scanlations.

if this lj is only to keep documented pictures up for you and the members, why dont you make this journal private or friends only? this journal will be and is viewed as just a bitter fan or a yaoi hater who is trying to rub our noses in crap. this journal is getting negative attention, and seems like a beacon saying over here fans and lost fans of youka nitta! start a flame war, yay!

thank you (=^.^=)

u are right kyttiesakura

Nearly every SECOND!!! mangaka is drawing pictures from photos or BACKGROUNDS!!! Popular mangaka who see a nice background are going to put this photo into a screnetone or whatever!!! Just for example!

I admire her and will ever do!!!