July 18th, 2008

Verification #047

(初出:BE・BOY GOLD 2008年2月号 ビブロス)
【盗用元】ブランド「Wrangler」(モデル:Luchino Mandias氏)掲載誌・時期とも不明

Youka Nitta Designed "Original Pendant"
Diamond version (K18 white gold)
spec: diamond 10pc, total 0.55cts
price: 138,000 yen

Cubic zirconia version (silver 925)
price: 24,800 yen

Responce #001

source: 55DSL A Strange Resemblance: Find the 55 Small Differences...
Published July 15th, 2008

- quote -
New rumors about 55DSL are stirring on the web these days, since the incredibly attentive manga readers concerned about artist Youka Nitta’s recent illustration that resembles one of the brand’s advertising photographs.

Specifically, the opening page in Stand on Vessel (Haru wo Daiteita series #49) manga in the August issue of Be-Boy Gold Magazine bears a great resemblance to the famous “kiss on the the ledge” from the Fall-Winter 06 campaign, and Nitta directly acknowledged that she traced it and that she is somewhat naïve in her awareness of copyrights.

Nitta also promised to deal with these issues more carefully in the future, and apologized profusely to 55DSL, the people involved, and her readers. 55DSL says: Nitta, don’t worry, we’re not that kind of brand, we consider this a tribute, only the greatest are copied, right? But honestly, our chick is hotter than yours!